What Is Video Mapping?

Video mapping, also called projection mapping, is a technique that involves projecting an image on a surface that makes the surface appear different than it really is.   The video is “mapped” to the surface of the real 3D object so that it doesn’t look like a projection.  Often this requires adjusting the projection angle or even distorting the elements in the video so that when they are projected on the uneven surface, they do not look distorted.

colorfulHHSurfaces can be highlighted with color like this photo to the right or they can even be made to appear to move with different shading effects.

Projector placement is key when setting up your effect because if the image that you are projecting is slightly off from what it’s being projected onto, your whole effect will be ruined. This is the most difficult part of the process. Use a camera lens that has the same lens ratio – or aperture – as the projector lens. Place the camera beside or on top of the projector lens, and shoot your picture.  What is  very important is that the camera lens is in exactly the same position as the projector lens because if it isn’t the projection will not look right.

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